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Femme Fatality

Be that girl, Be FemmeFatality.

Bad Girls Around The World
Posting Access:
Anybody , Moderated
Bad Girl? Break Hearts? Listen ladies, do you intimidate men? Are you and your girls a force to be reckoned with? Are you tired of people hating, on just how fabulous you are? Femme Fatality is for you! For every girl who knows who she is, is comfortable in her own skin, and doesn’t give a Fuck about the Nay-Sayers. Be that girl, honey. Be Femme_Fatality.

Wanna Join?
Click the link above!
Then just post to the community!
I will moderate your posts.
If a post is spam, stupid, or just plain whack, it will be rejected.
This is a community formed to give girls, a means of expressing their attitude, and inner/ outer beauty. This is all about fun, so here are the rules.
1. You spam my community, you're out.
2. No hating
3. No fighting, take that shit to your own LJ.
4. Please lock your posts! (Don’t give away the magic!)
5. Have fun!!!
Luv Ya!