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So....I didn't wear my sports bra yesterday....

No, instead i just wore a blue t-shirt with a shirt on over it... and lo and behold, my 'two new friends' made their presence known. I dont know what was in my head, maybe I should have 'hidden' more...but sometimes you just got tired of it....well, of course, someone saw them....someone who I had had a discussion with some months ago about how if her son ever came home in black lipstick and nails that she'd deal with him harshly...well, here I am, a person she works with at the community center I run.and she sees I have obvious out came the explanation...when it was all over (a sum total of two hours verbally explaining), she was like 'well you dont have a choice', ' you were denied' 'when can i do your makeup?' was interesting and odd....but hey she was accepting, so accepting that she walked out of the place we were, yelled back to me 'going home girl..' and people all around her:) just so happened women were standing near by so they didnt react to it, thinking she was talking to them

I was one happy gurl:) but sorta sad...need to learn more before too many people know..more how to be a gurl..sounds weird, but true

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