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I've been gone, Im back..and I'm better than before

OK, ive been quiet for some time....but now Im back and ready to...well talk...and explain why Im here...please read the below with understanding, even if you dont have acceptance. Acceptance isn't important, just understand that I am who I am like all of you, only different.

I am Tommie..I am a gurl. I am intersexed and my body is currently changing dramatically due to this, becoming much more feminine than male (which is how I grew up) If you want details, ask and I"ll share....

Due to being abused at an early age, then my mind repressing the abuse, I strove to be overly masculine and ignored what I now believe was the real me, the gurl, the hormone (Yes, I am now producing three times the estrogen a man does and half the testosterone)driven female in me was not allowed to develop due to my abuse and my mind's reaction to it. So now I am trying to learn and become who I feel I am inside, but never learned how to be.

I am a submissive, not just sexually, but in all ways. I dont mean im lifestyle necessarily, just really acknowledging the strength in submission I've denied trying to be a false boy my whole life> I sucked at being male and do so much better as living as a gurl(In the middle, with feminine being the heavy side). Just ask my wife. Yes, Im married and she's adjusting to the changes. Understand, I'm not going full time either way;-) I want to find the middle ground, ok not so middle, but will continue to be seen by most as a man..but will be all pink and frilly just under the surface.

So, long and short...girls, ladies, women, all of ya...teach me..give me ideas, let me share ideas, questions, etc. I have very supportive people around me, Including my girl Kami who has set up this place here for me..and then my 'big sis', someone who has come into my life recently and is bound and determined that I will be all the gurl I can be.

I was made this way for a reason. Now it's time to find out please, y'all, come visit this femme to..and about tommie;-) but be sure you include me:)

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