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Hello All

I came to this site by accident actually. I was trying to find people who were interested in combat conditioning, martial arts, running….stuff like that and came across someone who listed “warrior women” at which your site was listed. Yes….that is about right, I’m this and a lot more. Guys are a bit intimidated by me, especially if I actually do slap on some makeup, a skirt and let my hair down. But lately I’ve been a bit disapointed by the male sex and have reserved to only being glamorous if absolutely necessary. I am quite the femme fatale when it comes to relationships. Being a Scorpio and all. I easily take control which is such a bore and guys are way too quick to say the “L” word to my liking. I may have a fear of commitment but only because the idea of waking up next to some mediocre version of manhood over and over again is below myself. I’m not looking for some cute shy sensitive type nor an intense romantic. I’ve had my share of those. I want someone with some damn balls and brains to spare. So that’s that.
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